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Well, we did it. We opened the gate to customers for the first time in over a year! The Fashion Show was great fun, and it was a reunion of some of us who all moved to Madrid the same summer, in 1973! (Or almost…)

Now we will be open every Monday – Friday from 10 -5, but weekends only by appointment. However, we will open the first Saturday of each month from 3-5 to continue our tradition of First Saturday receptions.

The Fiber Arts aspect of the gallery has been expanded. And you can be one of the first to see the Color, Light and Volume shows.

For the month of June, the gallery vacated by fiber arts will show art from Children in the community. In July and for the rest of 2021 and 2022, we plan to use the space for expanded exhibition of Madrid’s history, and our jewelry. The lovely sunroom entranceway will exhibit rotating exhibits from our cadre of artists.

We are always working to improve our website, please come back frequently for new information!

Visit our Facebook Page, as well.

The Oldest and Largest gallery on the Turquoise Trail

Started in 1973 as a work of love by Mel and Diana Johnson with their children, Eirik and Kirsten. (photo date, 1990s)

Today run by four generations of the Johnson family. Diana, her daughter, Kirsten, her daughter, Kiera, and her two sons, Korban and Dante.


  • Mel Johnson’s permanent solo show in the Peter and Florence Van Dresser Room
  • Extensive Archives of Madrid’s amazing history

Please call (505)471-1054 or fill out form for more information

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